All I Want as a Writer this Christmas is…

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Christmas is definitely a season of giving, but it’s a time of wishes too. Our favorite Christmas stories sometimes involve ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, hoping for something amazing to happen. As writers, we may be ordinary people, but we take ownership of our extraordinary imaginations. That means we have no problem talking about Christmas wishes…and making them too.

So without further ado, these are the wishes on the WWAT crew’s letters to Santa:

John: In the immortal words of Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation, I want the gift that keeps on giving. (No, not a jelly-of-the-month-club membership.) I want to get better. I want my writing to shine like a child’s smile on Christmas morning. I know that writing is subjective, though as most writers I have come to loathe that word, but I want my voice to be so powerful that it even if it isn’t your style, the writing sucks you in. I want my storytelling to be so incredible that readers have to turn the page, and when they run out of those, the only disappointment stems from there being no more to turn. I want vortex-like openings; lofty and thrilling middles; and heart-pounding, emotionally draining but satisfying endings. In short, I want to be an incredible writer.

Megan: A breakthrough. This Christmas (or, more realistically, New Year), I’d like to connect with an editor the same way I connect with my agent. I would love to have the opportunity to work with someone and have that person challenge me to make my project as great as it can be. I would be happy to work on one book, or a whole series, where I can show my editor that I respect what he or she does as much as that person respects me. I’m hoping 2017 will be that year!
Jess:   To hear voices in my head. Yep, that’s correct. I’d like to go batty for Christmas. Over the past month I have been researching and reading, desperately trying to jump start my next story. I have scenes. I have names. I have all sorts of ideas. But no direction. I usually see an ending before I begin. Now, I am not a true outliner/plotter, but usually I have something in place to keep my momentum and confidence. This time…not so much. I miss writing. I desire to write and to do so I’ll need a good wander, a successful pantsing, and the company of a few imaginary voices.

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  1. Great article!!! Here’s hoping all of your 2017 dreams come true!!!

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