Writing Contests and More!

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Here’s a list of upcoming opportunities for writers. I also included a little explanation about why I like them.

31 March (Deadline)

SCBWI Work-in-Progress Grant

24-25 April


  • This is a new contest, but if you want help going through your manuscript with a fine-tooth comb, this is the type of contest for you.
  • If your manuscript is chosen, teams of writers will help you edit for 8 whole weeks before agents will see your query and first pages.

9 June


  • This is a Twitter pitch party, one of many, and happens quarterly.
  • All that’s required is a simple 140 character pitch that you tweet during a certain window of time. Agents will respond if they’re interested in seeing more.

1-3 July


  • I entered this contest last year and was one of the finalists. Even though I didn’t receive any agent requests, I did receive feedback and encouragement from the contest makers.
  • This contest drops agents into the middle of your story, pg. 70, which gives them a different perspective than the usual first pages.
  • com/2016/02/03/pg70pit-is-back/

3 August


  • This contest is similar to FicFest, but has been around for awhile. It attracts the attention of a wide variety of established and new agents.
  • I was one of the finalists in 2015. I had an awesome mentor who helped me polish my work over a 2 month period. Two agents did request to see my manuscript, but they later declined representation.
  • But I will never regret entering this contest, because…
    • I have a polished manuscript and query to submit to agents. (I didn’t realize how little I knew about submissions until this contest!)
    • My mentor is still available whenever I need him, and has asked me to beta read some of his work, too.
    • I have contact on social media with 125 fellow writers from the contest. Over 40 of them now have agents (less than 4 months later) and three already have book deals!
    • Every week someone else in our group receives good news, so it’s encouraging to know one day soon, it could be me!
  • Keep checking the website for updates and more details as the submission date approaches.

If you do only one contest this year, I suggest #PitchWars. That means you have four months to finish your manuscript. Happy writing!

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